2018 ACS Meeting

The Maye lab will have a number of presentations at this summers ACS National Meeting in Boston. Both Emily and Yuetian will be presenting:

Yuetian Chen*, "COLL 194 + Sci-Mix: Chemical and Structural Analysis of the Surface of Quantum Rods" (LINK)

Emily G. Ripka* "COLL 198 + Sci-Mix: CsPbX3 Ligand Binding Dynamics: A 2D Diffusion and Relaxation NMR Study" (LINK)

Emily G. Ripka* "PHYS 479: Monitoring Catalysis of Organohalide Reactions with Perovskite Nanoparticle Surfaces" (LINK)

Cover Article

Our collaboration with Dr. Mircea Cotlet at BNL on studying energy transfer between nano-perovskite's and 1D surfaces was recently the feature cover article in Particle. (LINK) In this project, our lab designed and synthesized a number of CsPbX3 particles, which were combined with MoS2 and graphene in the Cotlet lab and charge transfer (electron and hole) was studied using single molecule spectroscopy.