New CUSE Grants

The Maye lab has been awarded two CUSE grants as part of the most recent RFP. Our COVID-Relief Grant, "Perovskite Platelets as Substrates" will allow us to expand our study of using platelets as phase change materials, and our Innovative & Interdisciplinary Grant, "Aligning Quantum Rods on DNA Origami Substrates for Biomimetic Energy Transfer" will provide bridge funding for this novel and unique study. We thank SU and the VPR's office for making this funding available! 

Congrats Tina!

Congratulations to Christina Deschene for defending her Renee Crown Honors Thesis, her Distinction in Chemistry Thesis, and for graduating early with a dual B.S. in Chemistry & Forensics. Good luck Tina!!

2019 NERM Meeting

A great ACS NERM Meeting in June. The Maye group had 11 presentations in total, with excellent talks by Emily, Yuetian, and Dr. Maye, along with great posters by Hediyeh, Buddhini, and Tina! 

2018 ACS Meeting

The Maye lab will have a number of presentations at this summers ACS National Meeting in Boston. Both Emily and Yuetian will be presenting:

Yuetian Chen*, "COLL 194 + Sci-Mix: Chemical and Structural Analysis of the Surface of Quantum Rods" (LINK)

Emily G. Ripka* "COLL 198 + Sci-Mix: CsPbX3 Ligand Binding Dynamics: A 2D Diffusion and Relaxation NMR Study" (LINK)

Emily G. Ripka* "PHYS 479: Monitoring Catalysis of Organohalide Reactions with Perovskite Nanoparticle Surfaces" (LINK)