Winter 2017

The Maye lab joins the newly formed Syracuse Soft & Living Matter group, with Prof. Maye being an executive committee member. 





The Maye group welcomes new PhD student Hediyeh Zamani to the group!

Spring/Summer 2017

Prof. Maye's patent on "Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer between bioluminescent proteins and semiconductive nanomaterials" granted by USPTO.

Congratulations to Dr. Tennyson Doane, who has been hired by his alma mater Eastern Nazarene College as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Prof. Maye's patent on core/alloy nanoparticles with stainless interfaces is granted by the USPTO.

Winter 2016

The Maye group welcomes new PhD student Emily Yerdon, who will be leading our studies in the ion exchange of perovskite nanoparticles.  

Dr. Tenny Doane named Research Assistant Professor by SU Chemistry!

Fall 2016

Lili, Laxmikant, Yuetian, and Tenny will present at NERM next week!

Thursday October 6 2016

47. Rationally controlling bioluminescence resonance energy transfer through modification of quantum rod-luciferase nanoconjugates. L.M. Karam, M.M. Maye

108. Oxidation resistant behavior of stainless Fe/FeCrNi core/alloy nanoparticles. L. Pathade, T.L. Doane, M.M. Maye

Friday October 7 2016

31. Self-assembly and characterization of two-color quantum rod-DNA origami conjugates. Y. Chen, T.L. Doane, M.M. Maye

418. Utilizing perovskite nanoparticles as both colorimetric assays of chemical reactions and halide reservoirs in catalysis. T.L. Doane, K.J. Cruz, L. Pathade, M.M. Maye

Summer 2016

Laxmikant's study of oxidation in Fe/Cr/Ni nanoparticles accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C!

The May lab will have seven presentations at this summers ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia.

Both Kevin and Yuetian awarded Best Poster Awards at ACS Colloids poster session!


Laxmikant Pathade, COLL 176: Oxidation behavior of stainless core/alloy nanoparticles

Kevin Curz, COLL 149: Using nano perovskites to detect organohalides

Yuetian Chen, COLL 245 (+SciMix) DNA funcationalized quantum rods and their assembly into organized patterns on origami

Tennyson Doane, COLL 381: Using perovskite nanoparticles as spectrochemical probes for monitoring chemical reactions

Mathew Maye, COLL 559: Controlling phase behavior and oxidation rates in core/alloy nanoparticles

Congratulations to Dr. Alisha Lewis on successfully defending her PhD!!  She is the first IGERT fellow to defend at Syracuse University.

Alisha to defend her PhD thesis on July 21st!

Prof. Maye visits and presents at PPG and tours Coatings Innovation Center! 

Tenny and Kevins Peroskite paper highlighed by SU News and others!

Tennys new paper on using perovskite nanoparticles as colorimetric probes of chemical reactions and ions is published in ACS Nano!

Congratulations to Dr. Rabeka Alam (PhD 2013) who will start as Assistant Professor at SUNY Geneseo this fall! 

Winter 2015

New ACS Nano BRET paper highlighed by SU News, Science Daily, and others!

Our new BRET nanoconjugate paper is accepted at ACS Nano!

Our NSF-MRI grant with SUNY-ESF and SUNY-Upstate has been awarded, the new HRTEM will be installed this summer!

Fall 2015

Kayla successfully defended her M.S. thesis on Nov 30! Congrats Kayla and good luck!

The Maye lab is highlighted in recent Benefunder video & profile.

Prof. Maye presents "Using phase behavior and oxidation rates to control symmetry, composition, and microstructure in core/alloy nanomaterials" at Florida State University's Chemistry Colloquia. 

Summer 2015

Patrick's paper on heterostructured nanoparticles accepted at Nanoscale

The Maye group presents 11 presentations at the ACS Conference in Boston!

MAYE_GROUPACS2015INOR 188 Synthesis and processing of core/alloy nanoparticles with stainless interfaces

Laxmikant Pathade, Tennyson Doane, Rahiem Slaton, Patrick Lutz, Mathew Maye
ANYL 58 Understanding why semiconductive quantum rods have high energy transfer efficiency with firefly luciferase
Liliana Karam, Kaitlin Coopersmith, Danielle Fontaine, Bruce Branchini, Mathew Maye
ANYL 120 Investigating the role of polytypism in the growth of multi-shell CdSe/CdZnS quantum dots by X-ray diffraction
Kayla Ryan, Somak Majumder, Mathew Maye
COLL 183 Assembling discrete nanoparticle clusters via weakly interacting DNA linkages
Alisha Lewis, Tennyson Doane, Mark Bowick, Mathew Maye
COLL 184 Understanding the assembly and aligning of semiconductive quantum rods on DNA origam
Yuetian Chen, Tennyson Doane, Mathew Maye
INOR 259 Using phase behavior and oxidation rates to control symmetry, composition, and internal microstructure in stainless nanomaterials
Mathew Maye, Laxmikant Pathade, Tennyson Doane, Patrick Lutz, Rahiem Slaton
COLL 281 Using smart polymers to regulate DNA-mediated nanoparticle assembly, crystal formation, and interparticle spatial properties
Mathew Maye, Jay Tinklepaugh, Kristen Hamner, Simon Pun
COLL 183 (Sci Mix) Assembling discrete nanoparticle clusters via weakly interacting DNA linkages
Alisha Lewis, Tennyson Doane, Mark Bowick, Mathew Maye
COLL 184 (Sci Mix) Understanding the assembly and aligning of semiconductive quantum rods on DNA origami
Yuetian Chen, Tennyson Doane, Mathew Maye
POLY 357 Functionalization of nanoparticles with pH sensitive co-polymers for smart self-assembly
Jay Tinklepaugh, Olivia Sheppard, Mathew Maye
COLL 484 Self-assembly of quantum rods into controlled alignments using DNA origami and their use as energy acceptors in bioluminescence resonance energy transfer
Tennyson DoaneMathew Maye,  Liliana Karam, Yuetian Chen

Congratulations to Davon Slaton for successfully defending his Thesis on July 7!! Congrats Davon and good luck in research!

Davon will present his dissertation this Tuesday July 7 at 2 pm in room LSC 106.

Kaitlin has successfully defended her PhD thesis! Congrats Kaitlin and good luck!

Kaitlin's manuscript on Quantum Dot Cluster assembly accepted in Langmuir!










Kaitlin to defend thesis on June 18 @ 10am, Life Sciences Complex Lundgren room.

Congratulations to Somak Majumder who defended his thesis on June 2.  Congrats Somak and good luck!!

Davon's manuscript on transforming a-Fe nanoparticles by galvanic exchange accepted at Journal of Materials Chemistry

Spring 2015

Maye Group to present at NERM: Dr. Maye June 11, Lili, Alisha, Jay and Laxmikant on June 12. 

Upcoming dates: Somak Majumder PhD defense June 2. Kaitlin Coopersmith PhD defense June 18. Raheim Davon Slaton PhD defense July 7.

Congratulations to Patrick Lutz who defended his PhD thesis on April 27. Good luck Patrick!! 

Winter 2015

Prof. Maye presents Keynote at Central New York Science & Engineering Fair (CNSEF)

Maye group introduced and featured on Benefunder.

The Maye group welcomes new graduate students Kayla Ryan and Yuetian Chen to the group.

Tennyson's paper on organizing quantum rods on DNA origami published in Nanoscale! 

Fall 2014

Patrick, Davon, Kaitlin, Alisha, and Tenny to present their research this December at the winter MRS Meeting in Boston.

Somak presents his paper in an oral presentation at CERM!

New BRET paper showing near infrared energy transfer accepted in Nanotechnology!

Kaitlin, Alisha, Lili, and Jay present their research at the Stevensen Lecture Poster Session at SU + SBI.

Summer 2014

Kristen successfully defends PhD thesis, congrats! and good luck in industry! 

Tennyson attends Gordon Research Conference on quantum dot nanomaterials.

Kristen to defend her PhD thesis on Friday July 25! 

Jonathan Gooch's manuscript on electrostatic self-assembly accepted in Journal of Colloid & Interfacial Science!

Prof. Maye awarded new NSF grant to explore the synthesis of stainless nanoparticles!

Jay Tinklepaugh has been awarded an NSF IGERT Fellowship!

Colleen Alexander's manuscript on toxicity of multi-functional nanocarriers published in Bioconjugate Chemistry

Somak Majumder's manuscript on polytypic growth in quantum dots published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C!

Spring 2014

Manuscript with Dr. Cotlet at BNL on Qdot charge transfer receives the front cover on Chemical Communications!

Wenjie Wu's manuscript on DDA modeling of Core/Alloy nanoparticles accepted in ChemPhysChem!

Winter 2014

Prof Maye presents at Susquehanna Valley ACS section meeting.

Prof. Maye, Prof. Dabrowiak, and Dr. Colleen Alexander recieve full patent on encoded nanocarrier drug delivery system

The Maye group welcomes new PhD students Laxmikant Pathade & Jay Tinklepaugh!

Fall 2013

Prof. Maye and colleagues at Brookhaven publish a study on Qdot charge transfer in Chemical Communications!

Kristen's study on using thermosensitive co-polymers to regulate nanoparticle assembly published in Langmuir!

Maye group performs synchrotron scattering studies at Cornell CHESS facility.

Kristen presents poster at Syracuse Biomaterials Institue Stevenson Lecture event.

Prof. Maye presents Department of Chemistry colloquia at SUNY-Albany.

Kristen, Somak, Patrick and Kaitlin present at ACS!

The Maye group will have seven presentations at this falls ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis

Summer 2013View page

Wenjie's publication in Small featured by Syracuse University.

Kristens paper in ACS Nano featured by Syracuse University.

Congratulations to our 2013 PhD graduates, Wenjie, Rabeka, Colleen & Josh!

Josh has succussfully defended his PhD Thesis, Congrats Josh, good luck in industry!!

Wenjie has succussfully defended her PhD Thesis, Congrats Wenjie, good luck!!

Rabeka has succussfully defended her PhD Thesis, Congrats Rabeka, good luck at Notre Dame!!

Colleen has successfully defended her PhD Thesis. Congrats Colleen, good luck at UMass!!

Kristen's manuscript on using 'smart' polymers to regulate DNA Self-Assembly accepted at ACS-Nano!

Prof Maye and colleagues at BNL publish work related to DNA crystals in Soft-Matter!

Wenjie's manuscript on core/alloy nanoparticles accepted at SMALL!

New fluorescence polarizers installed by Horiba for our Fluoromax-4 spectrometer in order to study quantum rod energy transfer anisotropy.

Kristen and Alisha attend and present at "Programmable Self-Assembly of Matter" conference in NYC. Kristen recieves best poster award sponsored by Nature Materials.

Dr. Njoki's, Wenjie's, and Patrick's manuscript on core/alloy plasmonic nanoparticles accepted at Chemistry of Materials!

Colleen, Rabeka, Josh and Wenjie to defend dissertation in August!

The Maye Group welcomes Dr. Tennyson Doane as a new postdoctoral fellow in self-assembly. Dr. Doane recieved his PhD in physical chemistry this summer from Case Western Reserve. 

Wenjie presents a talk and recieves her graduate award at IPMI national conference in Phoenix!

Kristen presents her poster on self-assembly at the Cornell CHESS user meeting!

Prof. Maye presents on using Quantum Dots conjugates as photonic materials at the CLEO National Meeting.

Prof. Maye recieves early tenure, and promotion to Associate Professor.

Spring 2013

Rabeka's manuscript on sequential BRET-FRET at Quantum Dots accepted at RSC Nanoscale!

Kristen, Kaitlin, and Colleen present posters at the Central New York Biotechnology Symposium.

Wenjie Wu awarded the IPMI Colt Refining Student Award and will present her research on precious metals nanoscience at IPMI conference in Phoenix!!

Prof. Maye named a recipient of prestigious Syracuse University Meredith Teaching Award.

Rabeka Alam and Wenjie Wu to present papers at Materials Research Society (MRS) Meeting in San Francisco. Rabeka is nominated for best poster prize.

Winter 2012-2013

Colleen Alexander awarded ACS Young Investigator Award from the Division of Inorganic Chemistry, she will present at ACS this fall!

Kristen Hamner and Prof. Maye perform in-situ sychrotron SAXS studies at Cornell CHESS.

Prof. Maye named the "young technolgist of the year" by the Technology Alliance of Central New York (TACNY).

IGERT Student Aisha Lewis presents at IGERT Retreat.

Colleen Alexander wins Best Poster Award at Syracuse Biomaterials Institute (SBI) Stevenson Lecture.

Prof. Maye speaks on Biomimetics at the Syracuse Center of Excellence.

The Maye Lab welcomes new graduate students Lili Karam (Chemistry), and Alisha Lewis (NSF-IGERT)!!

Prof. Maye pens News & Views review for recent cover article in Nature Nanotechnology.


Fall 2012

Prof. Maye presents the Syracuse University Physics Department Seminar.

Prof. Maye presents at Syracuse University Project Advance workshop in New York City.

Rabeka Alam presents poster at Department of Energy Joint NSRC Workshop on Nanoparticle Science at Argonne National Laboratory.

Hyunjoo's use of DNA-mediated interactions between gold nanoparticles and quantum dots to investigate nanoscale energy transfer published  by the Journal of Physical Chemistry C!

Somak successfully defends his 2nd year PhD oral exam!

Colleen's manuscript studying the drug delivery capabilities of her DNA-encoded nanocarriers punlished in Bioconjugate Chemistry!

Prof. Maye named a Forensic and National Security Science Faculty Fellow at Syracuse University.

Hyunjoo's manuscript on the energy transfer between qdots and Au, Au/Pd, and Au/Ag nanoparticles accepted at Nanotechnology!

Josh's review chapter on quantum dot functionalization accepted for upcoming ACS Books edition titled "Functional Nanoparticles for Bioanalysis, Nanomedicine and Bioelectronic Devices."

Dr. Njoki's study on the asymmetric growth of nanoparticles published in Chemical Communications!


Summer 2012

Josh, Corey, Hyunjoo, Rabeka, Wenjie, Kristen and Colleen present their posters at ACS in Philadelphia.

Hyunjoo Han successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis, congrats Dr. Han!

Maye Group to have large presence at this summers ACS National Meeting!

Rabeka's BRET study makes headlines and appears for the first time in Nano Letters !

Prof. Maye featured in Syracuse Post Standard Sunday Newspaper !

Corey's Quantum Dots used to study the fundamentals of hole transfer in ACS Nano !

Long time undergraduate researchers Louis Solomon and Vallerie Valle graduate, good luck in grad- and med-school !!

The Maye group welcomes  Chemistry Department international REU (iREU) students Maria Mosshammer and David Reishofer (iREU) and Syracuse Biomaterials Institute (SBI) REU student Christina Provenza to the lab.  They will be working on quantum dot synthesis, drug-delivery, and smart polymer projects, good luck!

Undergraduate researcher Louis Solomon recieves NSF Graduate Fellowship, congrats Louis good luck at Cornell!!

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